Batman: The Killing Joke (movie)

admin / January 6, 2018

Batman: The Killing Joke is a 2016 animated movie featuring the DC Comics character Batman. It stars Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Tara Strong and Ray Sensible.

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[while interrogating a criminal] I am gonna rely to 10. 1… [cocks again his fist] 9…
– I spoke with Commissioner Gordon before I came in right here. He told me he wished this performed by the e-book. You realize what means? It means that regardless of all of your sick, cruel, vicious little video games, he’s as sane as he ever was. So extraordinary folks don’t crack. Possibly… it is just you.

The Joker[edit]

– Yes, memory’s so treacherous. One second, you’re misplaced in a carnival of delight: childhood aromas, the flashing neon of puberty, all that sentimental candyfloss. The subsequent, it takes you someplace you don’t wish to be. Someplace darkish and chilly, stuffed with the damp, ambiguous shapes of things you’d moderately forget. Recollections can be vile, repulsive little brutes. Like children, no?
– Every time you end up locked onto an unpleasant prepare of thought, resulting in locations in your previous the place the screaming is unavoidable, remember this: There’s always madness. You possibly can simply step exterior and shut the door on all these dreadful issues that happened. You can lock them away… Forever.

Commissioner James Gordon[edit]

[after being rescued by Batman, shaken by the Joker’s torture, but retaining his sanity] I need him introduced in… and I need it performed by the e-book! By the ebook! You must! We have to show him our way works!