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Who is The Daughter Of Darkseid

Could she herself be from the Paradise Island of Earth-2 or another The Amazons’ clothes struck me as trying fairly completely different from what we have seen on the principle earth’s Paradise Island. And that i gather that Darkseid has been pursuing her throughout the multiverse, which suggests that she might be from any earth.

[quote=XchaiX ]Nope, all the pieces she has, she took from the league. [/quote]
Or from already-defeated multiversal counterparts of the League’s members

[QUOTE=Sacred Knight]Is that this the secret Batman shares with Marvel Lady I mean the solicits speak about the final word temptation for him captain america long sleeve shirt toddler and whatnot, maybe Bruce actually is aware of Grail already (really cool title, btw), they met up to now and fell for one another, Diana discovered and against their higher judgment they stored her id a secret from the League due to his feelings for her.[/QUOTE]

Attention-grabbing! From the JL solicit:
“As Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor maneuver towards inevitable battle, Surprise Girl leads the Justice League towards a force that holds the solutions on how to cease it _ but the price is perhaps Batman_s soul!”

So, I assume Darkseid’s been chasing Grail as a result of she has secret data and/or has powers that might stop him from defeating (or being defeated by) Comic the Anti-Monitor And Grail is, for some purpose, obsessive about Batman, and, in exchange for Batman’s captain america long sleeve shirt toddler soul (i.e.making him her lover or slave ), she would help the League defeat Darkseid And Surprise Woman has been someway protecting Batman out of Grail’s power until now One thing like that

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