Harry Potter: Darkish Vs. Mild

admin / January 11, 2018

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sendingTrenton 4 years in the past

I would never heard of the Gilligan’s Island principle of Lost. That is ieinresttng, as a result of I’ve just spent a pair hours right this moment reading Vozzek69’s new book, Stuff you Never Observed About Lost . Close to the end of it, he talks about numerous theories which might be out there, including Lost as a video recreation or digital actuality experience. He even makes a comparison to paintball struggle video games. Anyway, the concept of some god-like gamer operating situations and messing with folks’s lives helped me formulate my model-new Duck Amuck idea of Misplaced. To see what I imply, pop on over to YouTube and sort in duck amuck 300 .I by no means realized all of the parallels between Misplaced and this traditional Warner Bros. cartoon. Briefly: there’s a farm setting (Ray in Australia, and Iowa); a scene in the frozen north (polar bears, evil Canadians, and FDW); a tropical setting (the Island); a mirror; a sea picture (the freighter); TWO Daffy Ducks in the identical scene (time travel); a airplane crash; an explosion; and at the top, a DEMAND for an evidence! It is uncanny. All that’s lacking is a few guns, but the cartoon opens with a bit of Musketeer-sort swashbuckling, and that is shut. 😉

Recep 4 years in the past

I am so glad this present is again as nicely. NBC wants to put this on Thursday at 9. It could hold it’s personal there I believe. Adam I thugoht did an incredible job with Harry and that i agree I thugoht he was going to be a goner. I loved when the lawyer came in with the nail in his head LOL and I am much more glad that Harry screwed her old regulation agency and caught to her guns until she gets the 3Million. I thugoht she was a tad bit nasty to bringing up Ollie and Chunhua sleeping collectively but that is Harry for you. I also appreciated once they have been assembly in the beginning and she ended her trigger with it’s only my opinion like Adam did his. Chunhua was good with Ollie additionally. I did like Tommy’s ex girlfriend. I do hope they get again collectively. It was a funny story I thugoht and only something Tommy would do. Yes I feel we’re to assume that the daughter put the bullets in the gun. I sure did not see that coming either. It was an ideal ending. And that i also appreciated how Cassie handled that bastard within the workplace. So glad this show is again.

Authordohn121 6 years in the past from Hudson Valley, New York

Hi Carrie! Once more, I thanks for studying this and commenting on it. At the time I wrote this hub, it was my Magnum Opus as I spent a great 30+ hours on it. I actually like the truth that you got my message 🙂 Can you inform that I enjoyed studying Harry Potter? Thanks again!

carriethomson 6 years in the past from United Kingdom

You amaze me dohn!! that was such an ideal summarization of what the harry potter series is all about and its true love helps you endure something for the sake of loved ones,and that what helps you win battles!! Nice going Voted up and awesome!!


hpfan101 7 years ago

hey i like your picture comments

Thanks, MPG Narratives. I don’t know anybody that has a signed copy of the primary guide till now! Years back, I used to be reluctant to read the ebook as I believed it is likely to be too made-for-kids till I gave Sorcerer’s Stone a attempt (a girl I used to be seeing pressured me to learn it). It wasn’t long before I used to be hooked. Thank you so much for studying and for the praise.


Marie Giunta 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Have read all of the books, have a framed, signed copy of the first guide, I actually enjoy J.Ok.Rowling and the whole Harry Potter collection. You might have performed it justice with this hub, effectively executed.

Thanks for reading this Holly! Although the motion pictures are really good, the books are really a number of enjoyable to read 😉

Holle Abee 7 years in the past from Georgia

I haven’t learn the books, and that i’ve only seen one of the motion pictures, however I enjoyed your hub!

Thanks ladyjane1! Yes, so many nice actors have been featured in all the Harry Potter films. Richard Harris is one in all my favourite actors and that i wish he have been still alive to play Dumbledore in all of the Harry Potter movies. Thanks for the comment!

ladyjane1 7 years in the past from Texas

I really enjoyed The Half blood prince film it was wonderful. And I’ve all the time been a big fan of Gary Oldman and Ralph Fiennes. You did an ideal job on this hub. Good.

Authordohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Okay, I know that you just now want to purchase both “The Giving Tree” and “The Sneetches” after having now read both of those hubs, however I have to advocate your buying your complete Harry Potter collection as properly. Your daughter will be capable of take pleasure in them when she reaches such an age when she can. I believed everybody within the UK learn Harry Potter. Who knew?

Gous Ahmed 7 years in the past from Muslim Nation

I’m not very much into Harry Potter, but he’s a really attention-grabbing character. I have not read any of the books, however i have seen one of the films, i think the 3rd one! I enjoyed it very a lot, and hope to see all of them. I never understood what all the fuss was about, however by studying your hub, you’ve got re ignited the flame inside me to catch up on Harry Potter motion pictures, thanks!

Yeah, the realism behind Harry Potter’s character actually drew me in greater than something. It was easy to relate to him due to it. Thanks once more, Maita. I hope that you simply take pleasure in your weekend as well…Go GIANTS!!!

prettydarkhorse 8 years in the past from US

Great effort Dohn, that makes you an important author, Now I like Harrys perspective, ready to defend his beloved one, it doesn’t matter what..can we be all be like that,

Completely satisfied weekend, and i hope NYG wins as we speak…


Thanks for clearing that up, Lissa. I will take your word for it, by the way in which. Thank you once more for studying me and reading my ezine article. I stay up for hearing from you again.

Yep, he was smuggled out not lengthy after he bought there and his father introduced him house and lined him with the invisibility cloak and Winky the house elf was accountable for him. 🙂 He just wasn’t part of the mass breakout like the Lestranges and others in order of The Phoenix. 🙂 I will certainly check out your ezine article, I am always in search of issues to learn. 🙂

Actually? (About Bary Crouch Jr) It has been years since I read the books but can have to return and browse it again. Nonetheless, I wasn’t unsuitable, was I? 😀

You might be certainly a fan of the books. Thank you for studying me…Did you also learn my ezine article as nicely? You just would possibly enjoy it.

Lissa Lynn eight years ago from upstate NY

Great hub, I loved reading it. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, but just of the books, the movies have disillusioned me time and once more. Only one observe in your article, Barty Crouch Jr was smuggled out by his father and believed to be lifeless by the wizarding neighborhood. 🙂 Sorry, I’m a stickler for the main points and that i’ve learn these books so many occasions I could probably recite chapters from reminiscence 🙂

Hey, thanks, Newyork204. I went and checked out you site…Care to swap backlinks? I’m going to add yours if you don’t thoughts. Thanks for reading and visiting me.

Wesley Barras eight years in the past from Anchorage, AK

I appreciated this rather a lot. I beloved the metaphors. I form of did this on my Harry Potter site http://hogwartssorting.blogspot.com/2008/12/harry-…

Thank you for reading me, MissE. As you possibly can see, I’m an enormous fan of Harry Potter, ever since the woman I used to be courting pushed me into studying the series (and i correctly did so). I’m undoubtedly into mythology and can consider reading him. Disney Thank you for dropping in.

My other article on Harry Potter will be found by clicking here:


I hope you get pleasure from it.

MissE eight years in the past from Texas

I really like Harry Potter! This is an effective and really thorough article. I just like the metaphors you use and the different religious influences. The comparisons are very interesting and thoughtful. You must also learn Percy Jackson if you’re into mythology in any respect.

Haha! I know, I considered the exact same thing, Naomi. Once I used to be emailing a friend about this hub and HubPages and confused myself a bit. HP or HP? Hmmm…Thanks for studying me! I’m glad you loved it. It took me a while to write it 😀

NaomiR eight years ago from New York

This is a great hub! I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter series (both the books and motion pictures) and loved your take on it. BTW, is it a coincidence that Harry Potter and Hub Pages share initials? I believe not…

Thanks, wannabwestern. I loved penning this one too! I suppose you can say that it is totally different method to take a look at Harry Potter.

Carolyn Augustine 8 years in the past from The Land of Tractors

Oh this is just the sort of factor I love to read. I like the way you suppose! Rated up!

I hope you do Drew. Apart from, there’s numerous down time during the NFL season! Let me know what you think of it!

Ok I’ll you’ll want to learn it!

Thanks so much, Natalie for taking my recommendation and coming by to read this. I believed you’d get a kick out of it. A lady I used to be seeing in college contaminated me with the Harry Potter bug and I have been a fan ever since. I’m glad that you just loved it!

Natalie Marie 8 years ago

That is superior! What an excellent, complete information for all HP fans! I really like the yin and yang issue that you just talked about – it’s thought-frightening. I also love your line, “if love is magic, and love is actual, then love IS magic.” Very effectively said.

NO! Go learn it! It’s the most effective one in all the sequence! I did not spoil it, Drew. Let me know.

Drew Breezzy eight years ago from someplace in my thoughts

Thanks for the heads up on the spoiler alert. I have not read the seventh e-book. Would this spoil it? I already had some it spoiled, guess thats why I have not read it.

Thanks, HPwriter. As I informed Fierycj, I worked more durable on this hub greater than any other hub. However I consider it was well value it because it was actually a labor of love:)

hubpageswriter eight years ago

Superior, well performed and effectively-researched 😉

Thank you So much. I labored more durable on this hub than any of my previous hubs. I am overwhelmed that you simply loved studying this, as I know it’s a bit lengthy. I really wanted to make it LONGER! Safe to say that I’m a fan. This article was extra of a tribute than a summarized article. Thanks once more to your help! I truly appreciate your remark.

Tammy Cornett eight years in the past from Ohio

I should say this this is the most effective article about the Harry Potter collection that I have ever learn–and that i’ve read a whole lot of them as a hardcore fan, lol…

Although I’ve learn all of the books two or more instances, I was nonetheless drawn in and compelled to learn every word that you had written about them.

Well completed–and thank you!!!:)

Your welcome. I hope I can get just a few adults to read the series. Likelihood is if they’ve children, the mother and father could have already bought the books. They want only stroll into their kid’s bedroom, decide up a book and start studying. Who knows, it just might shock them on how entertaining the books can be.

Tatjana-Mihaela eight years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

Very interesting presentation of Harry Potters books and movies. I loved the way in which you did it!!! Thanks.

Your very welcome, emievil. Thank you for the remark. I remember when I was a camp counselor in New Hampshire back in the summer time of 2000 when the mail got here in with something like 50+ hardbound copies of the Goblet of Fire. Mind you, there have been solely about 60 or so children at the camp to start with! I wasn’t but into by that point. For the next few days, you’d see campers strolling to supper or to the lake or lessons whereas reading the Goblet of Fire. I guess part of me wished that I was a kid once more.

emievil eight years in the past from Philippines

One other Harry Potter fan! I am a fan myself (read all books and watched all of the motion pictures). I forgot which e-book but I learn one from cowl to cowl in only one night (started at round 9 pm and ended round 3 am). I couldn’t put it down LOL. I’ll make certain I catch the latest one. Thanks for the hub Dohn.

Thanks, fiery. It took me 6 days to jot down and create this hub. I needed to ensure my info have been straight and treated it very much like a thesis. It wasn’t simple to do, but I had enjoyable doing it. I’ve a pipe dream of in the future teaching Harry Potter on the school level!

The film, at the least over right here in Connecticut was released last Friday but I have been away and so have but to hit the theaters. I just could go at this time! Thanks for the comment shamelabboush.

shamelabboush 8 years ago

This is a very nice film with superb characters! I can not wait to observe the brand new release this weekend 🙂

fierycj 8 years ago from The Fiery Coronary heart of Africa

Harry Potter is unquestionably one of the most nicely crafted tales ever advised. You gotta hand that out to Rowling. You possibly can inform she spent a lot of time attempting to develop every of the characters, their uniqueness, personalities, likes and dislikes, and so on. I’ve read your complete 7 books, and yes, you probably did give away some stuff. Good you warned others. Nicely written hub, boss.

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Do you people imagine in Dalai Lama too?… I attended a meditation program conducted by Tibetan Budhist Monk… I might like to study extra about your culture…Thats a good idea…Maybe I should get printouts….Laos is a land locked country proper…I dunno something about Laos… Have you ever written any article about Laos?

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As far as publishing ten hubs… is it potential that they should have written all these articles over a period of time and simply publishing then…. I dunno what matters to write down… I feel strongly about comparative religions… however there are some of us here…. who simply can’t look beyond there own beliefs.

Are you Budhist?…. I did a meditation course and I might at some point love to visit India, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand…. so many locations to go to however no money.

Undoubtedly. I see some individuals on Hubpages that do nothing however copy and paste complete articles. Sometimes you may tell, as a result of their HP score for his or her page never goes up after a sure point as a result of the system can decipher if the fabric is authentic or not. One among the massive indicators is when folks publish like 10 hubs a minute apart. No human on this planet can do such a factor with a hundred% original content!

It reveals…your effort has really paid off….I already rated it upwards….I work more than 60 hours… and never a superb author… you of us inspire me… gotta write top quality articles.

I’m not going to lie. This hub took essentially the most effort to develop. I did not want to rely on different author’s takes on Harry Potter. I handled this hub like a thesis but with a way more relaxed tone and style. I hope everybody can recognize the parallels themes I’ve pointed out. It wasn’t simple and took a while for me to complete.

JonTutor eight years ago from USA

I gotta study and write articles like you of us… Now I actually wanna watch this film.

Authordohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Thanks, atlovesbm. I am kinda of HP (yeah Hubpages and Harry Potter) fan. Proper on the time when Order of the Phoenix came out, I used to be seeing a woman whereas in school who was a fan. We made a deal wherein she would read some “boring” authors in alternate for my reading Harry Potter. It obtained me instantly hooked. I can’t combat it. It is a enjoyable read for everybody.

Anna 8 years in the past from Orange County, California

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