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Actual Name: John F. Walker
Occupation: Former soldier, now adventurer and authorities operative
Id: (as Captain America VI) Publicly known, (as U.S. Agent) Secret
Authorized Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal file
Other Aliases: Super-Patriot, Captain America VI
Place of Start: Custer’s Grove, Georgia
Marital Status: Single
Known Kinfolk: Caleb (father, deceased), Emily (mom, deceased), Mike (brother, deceased), Kate Tollifson (sister)
Group Affiliation: (former)Operative for the U.S. authorities’s Fee on Superhuman Activities, member of the West Coast Avengers and Pressure Works, former companion of Battlestar, (present) Chief of the Jury
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C., additionally Avengers Compound, Malibu, California
First Look: (as Tremendous-Patriot) CAPTAIN AMERICA #323, (as Captain America) CAPTAIN AMERICA #333, (as U.S. Agent) WEST COASTAVENGERS.

Historical past: The son of Caleb and Emily Walker, John F. Walker was born and raised in Custer’s Grove, Georgia. His older brother, Mike was a soldier and helicopter pilot in the Vietnam Conflict, wherein he died. Desirous to live as much as his brother’s reminiscence, John Walker enlisted in the military himself, but America’s involvement within the battle had ended, and Walker’s hopes of turning into a hero while within the service went unfulfilled.

After leaving the military, Walker was told by a buddy about the facility Broker, a mysterious particular person who claimed he might endow people with superhuman power. Walker and his buddy signed up with the Broker for his therapy and gained superhuman strength.

Walker now needed to find a technique to earn cash to pay the facility Broker for the therapy and was planning to try out for the Limitless Class Wrestling Foundation. However then Walker met a man named Ethan Thurm, who became his manager. Thurm urged Walker to pursue his objective of turning into a hero fairly than wrestling. Thus, Walker became the costumed Tremendous-Patriot, a self-proclaimed hero who claimed to stand for American ideals. Thurm helped Walker design the Tremendous-Patriot costume, discovered him financial backers, and devised a public relations strategy to make him a hero in the general public’s thoughts. Because the Super-Patriot, Walker toured the nation, held patriotic rallies, and participated in neighborhood service initiatives.

At a rally in New York Metropolis’s Central Park, the Super-Patriot publicly criticized Captain America, the hero who was usually held to embody American ideals, as being out of touch with contemporary America. During the rally the Tremendous-Patriot was attacked by men calling themselves the Buckies (the Daring City Commandos) who wore variations on Captain America’s costume and claimed to be supporters of Captain America. The Super-Patriot easily defeated his assailants after which demanded that Individuals select whether or not he or Captain America needs to be the nation’s living image. Actually, the Buckies have been wrestlers who were working with the Super-Patriot, finish their assault was staged as a public relations ploy.

Soon afterward, Captain America confronted Walker, who challenged him to a “contest of would possibly” to find out who would remain energetic as a hero. Captain America declined the challenge, however warned the Tremendous-Patriot he would bring him to justice if he discovered him engaged in unlawful activities. Shortly afterward the Buckies attacked Captain America, who fought them off.

Later, Captain America confronted the Super-Patriot once more, accusing him of being behind the Buckies’ assaults on and intimidation attempts in opposition to foreigners, which the Tremendous-Patriot had intended as an “antiterrorist marketing campaign.” The Super-Patriot then attacked Captain America, who briefly fought him.

Shortly afterward, to achieve good publicity, the Tremendous-Patriot captured a terrorist named Warhead who had threatened to detonate a nuclear device in Washington, D.C.

The federal Fee for Superhuman Actions had demanded that Captain America stop acting as a free agent and start working straight below authorities supervision, inasmuch as the id, costume, and shield of Captain America had all been originally created by the federal government. Steve Rogers, the unique Captain America, declined, and gave up the Captain America id.

Dr. Valerie Cooper, a member of the Fee, prompt that the Tremendous-Patriot turn out to be the next Captain America. She met with the Tremendous-Patriot, who revealed his true identification to her and accepted her offer. Thus, John Walker grew to become the sixth man to take on the position of Captain America.

In reality, the Fee’s chairman, Douglas Rockwell, was secretly an operative of the unique Captain America’s archenemy the Pink Skull. The Skull’s intention had been to drive Steve Rogers into giving up the function of Captain America and then making sure that his alternative dishonored, the picture of Captain America that Rogers had maintained over the years.

The Commission didn’t approve of Walker’s association with Thurm or two of the three Buckies and compelled him to drop them as associates. Nonetheless, the Fee accredited of one of many Buckies, Lemar Hoskins, who became the new Captain America’s partner using the identify and Costume of Bucky (The unique Bucky was the primary Captain America’s companion within the 1940’s). Later Hoskins took on the brand new identification of Battlestar.

Walker and Hoskins underwent a rigorous program of training underneath Cooper’s auspices. One among Walker’s instructors was the Taskmaster, who has realized to duplicate the original Captain America’s preventing model. They then began occurring missions for the government beneath the direction of another Commission member, Adrian Sammish. For example, they were sent into fight in opposition to the criminal forces of the late Professor Power.

Walker considerably moderated his excessive political views in his new position of Captain America in an attempt to stay up to the picture and ideals of the unique.

As for Steve Roger’s himself, he finally adopted a new costumed identification, calling himself simply “the Captain.”

During the public ceremony that announced the appointment of a new Captain America, Walker’s former associates, two “Buckies” now calling themselves the Left-Winger and Right-Winger, publicly revealed the new Captain America’s true identification.

In consequence, the precise-wing vigilantes called the Watchdogs, who sought vengeance on the new Captain America, murdered Walker’s parents. Pushed quickly insane with rage, Walker brutally killed many of the Watchdogs in retaliation. Holding the Left-Winger and Right-Winger answerable for his parents’ deaths, Walker captured his two former comrades and left them to die in an explosion. The Left-Winger and Right-Winger survived only due to the affects of the power enhancement remedy they had undergone, but had been left terribly burned and in essential condition. The members of the Commission had been disturbed by Walker’s growing ruthlessness and seeming lack of control.

The Red Skull’s consciousness now inhabited a physique cloned from that of Steve Rogers. The Skull lured Walker to his headquarters in Washington, D.C., confronted him, claiming to be Rogers, and to be behind Walker’s latest tribulations. The Skull then had Walker attacked by varied of his operatives, representing Walker’s most latest adversaries, including a Resistant, a Watchdog, and a man dressed as Scourge. The Skull then organized for the enraged Walker to confront Steve Rogers, who had additionally arrived at the Skull’s headquarters investigating the Skull’s homicide of Rockwell. Pondering that Rogers was out to kill him, Walker attacked the Captain, but after a furious battle, Rogers succeeded in defeating Walker. The Skull then entered and confronted the Captain, revealing his true identity and his plans. Walker revived because the Skull continued his discussion with Rogers. Simply as Rogers realized that the Skull was attempting to kill him along with his “mud of death” contained in his cigarette smoke, Walker hurled his shield on the Skull, hanging him down. The Skull thus inhaled his own fuel, inflicting his head to take on the looks of a blood-crimson skull. The Skull fled.

Rogers and Walker made their reports on what had happened to the Fee. The Commission provided Rogers the put up of Captain America once more. Rogers, nonetheless, declined, until Walker himself asked him to rethink. Walker knew that the Commission would hearth him from the position of Capitan America whether or not or not Rogers accepted.

Rogers thus returned to the function of Captain America. However, on the press conference announcing the return of the unique Captain America, Walker was seemingly killed by a man wearing a uniform resembling that of the Watchdogs. The apparently assassin was then slain by a vigilante in the guise of Scourge.

Actually, Walker was nonetheless alive. The seeming assassination had been arranged by Normal Haywerth, a member of the Fee. (Nevertheless, Haywerth had nothing to do with Scourges murder of the “assassin.”) Believing that Walker’s more brutal activities as Captain America had completely discredited, him in the general public eye, Haywerth intended to allow the general public to consider Walker had died as a hero, and then create a new identity for him. Haywerth established a new cover identification for Walker and had him undergo speech therapy and coaching to replace his outdated mannerisms with new ones. Walker took on the brand new costumed id of the U.S. Agent, in which he wears a costume equivalent to the one Rogers wore because the Captain. Most people is unaware that the U.S. Agent is actually John Walker. As the U.S. Agent, Walker continues to operate on missions for the Fee. On the insistence of the Fee, the U.S. Agent became a member of the Avengers and relies at their West Coast compound.

After several battles alongside the Avengers, U.S. Agent left them as a consequence of character conflicts and reckless habits, solely to prove himself to them later and was in a position to rejoin (fully divorcing himself from the Fee.) He served until the disbanding of the West Coast department and was introduced by Tony Stark into the crew Drive Works, serving until that team folded as well. He teamed up breifly along with his former teammates as they reformed the Avengers after an hiatus.

U.S. Agent was later employed by Edwin Cord, owner of Cord Industries, who, for causes of his personal, wanted to fund a superhero team to take down the supposed nonetheless-criminal Thunderbolts. U.S. Agent led the group, known as The Jury, towards the Thunderbolts and their new chief, Hawkeye, however were beaten again and the Thunderbolts escaped. On a second try to apprehend them, U.S. Agent and the Jury ended up becoming a member of their adversaries against Brute Power and the soldiers of the key Empire.

Top: 6 ft. Four in.
Weight: 270 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Energy Degree: Because of treatment by the power Broker, the U.S. Agent possesses superhuman strength enabling him to elevate (press) roughly ten tons.

Recognized Superhuman Powers: The U.S. Agent’s solely superhuman powers are the superhuman strength and stamina given him by the facility Broker’s therapy.

Different Abilities: The U.S. Agent has received rigorous coaching in hand-to-hand combat, acrobatics, and gymnastics. He has been trained by the Taskmaster in the unique Captain America’s own fighting style, which employs boxing, judo, and acrobatics.

Weapons and Paraphernalia: As the Tremendous-Patriot Walker wore a costume product of bulletproof Kevlar and carried a “torchsword,” a weapon which projected flame

As Captain America Walker wore a costume consisting in a part of chain mail and carried the primary Captain America’s shield.

As the U.S. Agent Walker also wears a costume made of chain mail and carries a shield manufactured from Vibranium, which may absorb the vibrations from concussive forces directed in opposition to it.

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