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Determinative Atom Model And The nature Of Chemical Bond

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Quantum mechanics together with Schrodinger and Dirac’s equations are used to explain the atom model. Nevertheless, the fundamental assumption assuming electron vitality can be described by E=h’w is wrong. If E=h’w, then the entire power of the electron shall be E=rmv2 in contrary to E=rmc2 from special relativity. Right here, I suggest a new atom mannequin integrating frame-dragging force, centrifugal drive, electrostatic power, and magnetic pressure. In this new mannequin, the proton group and neutron group in atomic nucleus are pokemon power rangers shirt meaning rotating in numerous course. Thus, they provide equal and opposite frame-dragging pressure for orbiting electrons. The electrons are orbiting in the equator plane of nucleus. There is pokemon power rangers shirt meaning no such thing as a internet pressure or net acceleration for electrons to permit electrons for stable orbiting. 1.Electrostatic power from protons balances centrifugal force. 2. Electrostatic power from paired electron itself balances magnetic force from spinning pokemon power rangers shirt meaning electrons. 3. No web frame-dragging force from proton group and neutron group. In addition, by utilizing De Brodglie’s matter wave and standing wave idea, we will explain the atomic magic number 2,eight,eight,18,18,32,32. The electron is basically a particle, nevertheless it strikes like a wave. By utilizing this atom model, we can explain the chemical construction and the character of chemical bond formation.

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