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DC Comics’ Batman Occasion “Metallic” To punisher shirts walmart Be Delayed

One other titbit spilling out of ComicsPRO last weekend, from writer/retailer conversations, is that the Batman occasion showrun by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo that we’ve got heard referred to as “Metal”, regarding the use and availability of Nth metal within the DC Universe, has been delayed a little. It was to have kicked off in August, however DC publishing schedules has seen punisher shirts walmart it delayed a bit.

Which could mean that DC Comics has something coming in the summer time that DC doesn’t need to crossover with. What’s going to comply with the Batman/Flash Watchmen button crossover Geoff Johns‘ personal occasion Men’s Desgin defenders clubh Short Sleeve Tee Shirt Probably with Phil Jimenez Or is it Dark Days forward

Okay, that’s all speculation. I’ll cease going on about it now, we wouldn’t want to get steel fatigue. I’m sure we’ll get that flying Batman soon.

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