Quiz: Funny Poll Questions

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Quiz: Funny Poll Questions
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Quiz – 15 Funny Poll Questions
Are you trying to degree up, or simply have a very good snicker? I had a blast compiling this list of funny poll questions. There aren’t any proper or wrong answers. You simply add your 2 cents and gather some Squid points at the same time. Are you ready to giggle? Are you able to earn factors? Did you bring your humorous bone?

#1 – Humorous Poll Questions
Why is it that medical doctors and legal professionals name what they do observe?

They actually are working towards. Be careful!

They are utilizing this definition of the phrase follow: “the exercise or pursuit of a occupation or occupation”
See outcomes #2 – Funny Poll Questions
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea, does that imply the 5th one enjoys it?

No silly, the fifth particular person doesn’t have diarrhea!

You simply never know what some individuals will take pleasure in.
See results #3 – Humorous Poll Questions
Since hens lay eggs, why isn’t there an Easter rooster?

Bunnies are cuter than chickens

Rabbits are an emblem of Spring
See results #four – Funny Poll Questions
Why is Grape Nuts cereal known as that, when it accommodates neither grapes, nor nuts?

They are hiding!
See results #5 – Funny Poll Questions
Why aren’t there B batteries

The inventor didn’t know their alphabet.

Someone stole them.
See results #6 – Funny Poll Questions
What was the neatest thing earlier than sliced bread?

unsliced bread

bread and water

something to avoid starvation
See outcomes #7 – Humorous Poll Questions
Why can’t girls apply mascara with their mouths closed?

Ladies cannot do anything with their mouths closed. πŸ˜‰

Ladies should have their mouths open wider than their eyes. πŸ˜‰

Hey, stop that. It’s only a bodily response.
See results #8 – Humorous Poll Questions
Why do you wear a pair of pants, a pair of footwear, a pair of glasses, however a bra is just a bra and a shirt is only a shirt?

The world might never know.

The upper body lacks duality to be a “pair.”
See results Did The Questions Make You Snicker?
Did you chortle?

See outcomes Did You Actually Read the Questions?
Did you read the questions? (Be sincere.)

See results Have you ever Ever?!
Part 2, the “Have you Ever” series.

Have you ever Ever? – #1
Have you ever ever had someone call you and ask in your phone quantity?

See outcomes Have you ever Ever – #2
Have you ever seemed for one thing that you just had in your hand?

See results Have you ever Ever – #3
Pushed when the door said pull?

See results Have you Ever – #four
Have you ever been talking at length on the cellphone and realized there was no one on the opposite finish?

See results Did you enjoy the quiz? Did you earn factors?

Did You Enjoy the Quiz?
Did you enjoy the quiz?


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sendingCherese George 7 months in the past from Trinidad and Tobago

Good fun.

Nelly van der Werff 3 years in the past from The Netherlands

sure, very a lot. And why is their no easter rooster? There must be one.

And these polls not solely made me smile, but in addition helped me get a new trophy! So, thank you so much!

Nice one, thanks for sharing.

SamanthaHaupt three years ago

Nice lens!

Niktravelfit three years ago

Humorous lens – good job!

idkddjdjsii 3 years in the past


: )

suchera three years ago

Thank you for your nice work. I love it πŸ™‚

Digory LM 3 years in the past

Well achieved. Thanks for the laughs (and the factors).

So who’s thought was this, anyway?

OriSnori three years in the past

Thanks for the straightforward point boost.

weddingplz lm three years ago

nice very humorous lens

Scindhia three years in the past from Chennai

ha ha.. very humorous!

dmhonz 3 years in the past

Good lens I smile to the question Do you regarded one thing that in your arms.

adarlie 3 years in the past

sure and sure.

Gloria Freeman 3 years in the past from Alabama USA

Hi great lens, it was enjoyable thanks for the points.

HandyHelper three years ago

Yes. Masses.


fun thanks

ssphia 3 years in the past

Nice lens! Very humorous!

M. Victor Kilgore 3 years in the past

fun, fun…and yep I earned a couple of factors

hajjumrahuk three years ago

Nice enjoyable! thanks for sharing

joinyobsn 3 years in the past

LOL properly completed and was fairly funny!

Value Apartments three years ago from London

Great Lens, These are funny, I loved taking them πŸ™‚

Lynn Klobuchar 3 years ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sure and yes

Never a lot thought in regards to the B batteries till now…..hmmm.

TTDart four years in the past

Was truly fairly funny xD

Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer 4 years in the past from Hedgesville, WV

thanks needed the points and now i’m wondering why there aren’t any b batteries!

Hitman_4761 4 years in the past

I want extra quiz

kju385 4 years ago

Seriously funny, effectively finished πŸ™‚

immeokay 4 years ago

This is so enjoyable!!!

gamefreak321 four years ago

great πŸ™‚

yomikelaw four years ago

Find it irresistible!!

Robertbeeton four years in the past


ImDria 4 years in the past

That was enjoyable

Charlieee LM 4 years in the past

LOL! Thanks for that πŸ˜‰ !!

Torrs13 four years ago

That was plenty of fun! I’ve totally requested where my telephone was whereas I have been talking on it

OMG, totally hilarious! Thanks! I am just a little involved with my answers to the “Have you Ever” LOL

PearlsForever four years ago

Nice Lens. Love to find a humorous lens between all critical stuff.

gannoncannon 4 years in the past

haha properly that was not solely fun but got plenty of pionts

SusanAston four years ago

A little bit mild relief – thank you. I haven’t any “Likes” left right this moment otherwise I would have Liked

steadytracker lm four years in the past

Haha… I liked this lens

mamabrat lm four years ago

Your lens made me snicker.

TealRose 4 years in the past

Haha!! Humorous

Legenden four years ago

nice polls

cgeertsc 4 years in the past

it was enjoyable

tammywilliams09 4 years ago

I did snort when finishing the polls. They had been enjoyable. Thanks for the lens.

mohssine-ait 4 years in the past

i did

blestman lm four years in the past

What a fun approach to begin my work day. Thanks

michellequetua four years in the past

i did!

kelvinbierhuizen four years in the past

i did πŸ™‚

Scott A McCray 4 years ago


writerkath four years ago


Jenny Rowling 4 years ago from London, UK

This was so humorous πŸ™‚

nameless 4 years ago


JacobEssayUK LM 4 years in the past

funny humorous!

ConvenientCalendar four years ago

Great poll!

HalloweenRecipes four years in the past

Your poll questions were enjoyable! Yes, I did earn points.

TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

I survived.

kay-smith four years in the past

double Sure

lexuscommander 4 years ago

you created a pleasant lens, i like it

wave2codon four years in the past

RuralFloridaLiving four years ago

Fun and entertaining!

laksmy four years in the past

Yes for both

Helen Phillips Cockrell 4 years ago from Virginia

Very humorous!

Fox Music four years ago

Thanks for sharing this lens “Quiz: Funny Poll Questions”

spletni-delavec four years ago

Great thought for a lens. Thanks.

loopylooh 4 years in the past

It was a laugh

myspace9 4 years ago

Enjoyed so much, fascinating

mecheshier 5 years ago

Nice poll. Love your questions.

SarahJoules 5 years in the past

haha that was fun

2wice 5 years in the past from Maine, USA

Thank you for creating this lens, I needed a giggle as we speak.

Churchill47 5 years ago

Good lens- some funny questions πŸ™‚

Good questions.

Smashbooks LM 5 years in the past

Thanks for the giggles!

That was plenty of fun, thanks!

Peggy Hazelwood 5 years in the past from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

Enjoyable. I used to be talking to my sister not too long ago while on a stroll. I had put my telephone in my pocket. I reached in and noticed it wasn’t there and informed her I would misplaced my phone. DOH.

BelleBanks 5 years in the past

Fun poll πŸ™‚

Crystal Sales space 5 years ago from Stroud, Okay

Thanks for the laughs and the factors!

khatha0808 5 years ago

enjoyable lens. Thanks

EpicFarms 5 years ago

It is so good to know you are not alone – cherished Half 2 :o)

Cara 5 years in the past

I’m glad I am not the one person who thinks in certain methods. Great lens.

great fun! Thanks!

mufasa003 5 years ago

I had enjoyable

JasonWxM LM 5 years in the past

again an amazing poll :)!

siobhanryan 5 years in the past

Good craic-Angel Blessed

Nightlife-Creator 5 years ago

fun is the title of the lens. he he he

VspaBotanicals 5 years in the past

I definitely did, thank you.

Great lens for factors!

ae dc 5 years ago

hahaha, i enjoyed your polls, and i earned points! thanks!!

Aster56 5 years ago

It was Enjoyable.

Melissa Miotke 5 years in the past from Arizona

This was fun, thanks!

CanvasArtPrint LM 5 years in the past

The quiz was good, the youtube video great! πŸ˜€

Truthmusica 5 years ago


BlackSunflowerB 5 years in the past

I earned plenty of factors

Jennypinto 5 years ago

@ahrendi: I actually want to take participate such quiz and yes I enjoyed it.However I more in search of informative quiz associated to well being care.

generic lyrica

Normyo Yonormyo 5 years ago

Thanks for creating this funny lens, it made me chuckle.

ahrendi 5 years ago

Funny polls, i was smiling until the tip. Thanks.

nameless 5 years ago

Thanks for this enjoyable quiz, appreciated!

ahlaj77 5 years in the past

Thanks for the enhance in my mood! πŸ™‚

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