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Some Realities Of Warfare

The truth is that the defending rogue nation-state doesn’t have an opportunity towards a couple of aircraft carriers and a totally-integrated net-centric battlespace utilizing all the modern day technology. It’s not a good struggle. After all struggle is not really honest anyway.

Even if the defending nation obtained the higher hand even for a brief second, if the US military ever did pull out all of the stops, there really would not be anything left to discuss after all of the mud settled. Each time our On-line Assume Tank ran all the potential eventualities in our battle game situations, we found comparable results ultimately, as the US Navy captured the opposing forces King in a particularly brief variety of moves. Truly all in all it is fairly spectacular and our scenarios have been fully unbiased.

Even a brilliant Energy like Russia or China with modern day superior weapons and nuclear submarines, would have a tough go of it and ultimately all scenarios show the Americans as prevailing and even with all of the luck factored in the number of battles had been prolonged only slightly and the war prolonged anywhere from a number of additional hour to 1-2 days maximum.

Using robotic unmanned ground vehicles of the defending nation state solely barely added to the full number of sorties and number of sensible munitions used, thus solely including 5-eight hours total to the air war.

If the unmanned floor autos had been underground and hidden till after the primary 72 hours, if that were doable, then the unmanned robotic ground vehicles of the defending nation state would serve well in defending against the bottom battle.

Nonetheless, it must be famous that after the main SAM websites are removed and the cellular missile launchers destroyed the helicopter gun ships and their highly mobile arsenal would render the robotic unmanned vehicles that were left rather useless.

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