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On The 3DS, She, Like Mr

Catwoman, also recognized as the Cat or Selina Kyle, is a Batman minifigure launched Bizarro in 2006. She was re-launched in 2012 as part of the Super Heroes theme.

There have been two Catwoman minifigures since the first released in 2006.
2006 Batman Variation

The two sides of Catwoman’s face
2012 Super Heroes Variation

The second Catwoman minifigure has an analogous cowl, however with the eyeholes closer collectively, a redesigned face with white goggles on one side and a barely open mouth with purple lips and a smirking face with regular eyes on the opposite facet, an up to date torso which is much like the unique, however added particulars to her zipper and belt, she has totally different feminine curves added to the sides of her torso. In contrast to her unique variation, Catwoman now has again printing. The pattern on the again of her torso is a continuation of her belt and strains depicting her shoulder blades. Her legs are nonetheless black.

Mighty Micros
Like all the figures in the line, Micro Catwoman has short legs and a more cartoonish look. Her head is black to characterize a full mask, with some flesh printing for the lower face and some goggles. Her expression is just like the grin of the 2012 variant. Her torso is a simplified model of the previous Catwoman’s, with the main difference being the cat’s head on the belt buckle.

Classic Television Series
This variant of Catwoman relies on Julie Newmar’s star wars ugly christmas sweatshirt yarn portrayal from the 1966 Batman tv sequence. Her hair is the same as the Tiger Girl’s, but in reddish brown with black ears. One side of her face exhibits Catwoman with a decided grin, and the other reveals her carrying a domino mask and having a larger grin. Her torso exhibits a bit of skin on the neckline, and represents her catsuit outfit, with a primary design, a golden belt with a lattice pattern and a solar-like emblem, and some sequins. Catwoman’s golden medal on a chain can be printed on her torso, together with some curves.

The Lego Batman Film
Women's supergirl jess Custom Long Sleeve T ShirtsHer portrayal in the Lego Batman Movie resembles her New fifty two portrayal from Lego Batman three: Past Gotham, but with a couple of minor differences. Her swimsuit is now purple, her belt is now a separate, darkish purple mold, her goggles are chartreuse with white pupils and her skin is now tanned.

In the Video Video games
In LEGO Batman: The Videogame

Catwoman had two variations in LEGO Batman: The Videogame.
Catwoman in LEGO Batman: The Video Sport

Catwoman was also one of many few characters in the video recreation to have two variations. Her second variation was generally known as Catwoman (Traditional). It was very just like the traditional variation, apart from the black and purple had been inverted on the cowl, torso, arms, and hips. Three minor adjustments had been that Catwoman now had black boots, a line representing her naval was added, and her belt and zipper were removed. This variation, as well as an unmasked Selina Kyle, had been out there in the Villain Hunt on Nintendo DS variations of the sport.

Catwoman has the ability to double soar and bypass safety on sure doors armed by guards. She is also armed together with her Bull Whip, which she can use to assault enemies, and draw them in for a deadly kiss.

Catwoman appears in LEGO Batman 2: DC Tremendous Heroes. She has her up to date look from 6858 Catwoman Catcycle City Chase, with her face displaying the aspect with the goggles. Nevertheless, her whip is colored black rather than brown.

Catwoman remains to be able to double-leap and use her whip, but is now also capable of using acrobatics to jump onto and swing on outcropping poles, an skill launched in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Sport.

On the 3DS, she, like Mr. Zsasz and Batman’s Sensor Swimsuit, has the stealth potential.
Catwoman has three variants, two of them were based on her appearance in the new fifty two comics and the 1966 Batman Tv present. The Pre-fifty two variant recycles her LEGO Batman 2 variant.

The second outfit from the brand new 52 comics includes Catwoman carrying her zipped up leather catsuit and goggles.

Her 1966 Batman star wars ugly christmas sweatshirt yarn model compromises a catsuit with a mask and a matching golden belt and necklace. Unlike her appearance within the comics, Catwoman’s hair is worn down which also has ears.

Having had a really difficult childhood, Selina Kyle learned numerous thievery abilities and grew to become a talented burglar. At some point she survived a fall off a constructing and landed in an alley the place the local alley cats appeared attracted to her, this impressed her to take on the alias Catwoman. In her public life, she is a wealthy socialite dwelling off the loot she has stolen. As Catwoman, Selina seeks thrills in stealing varied artifacts and treasures and taking her in poor health-gotten spoils to her socialite life. She is a talented gymnast and martial artist, and wields gloved claws in addition to a whip. Catwoman is circuitously in opposition to Batman as she typically allies with him in his crime fighting. But her thieving methods are what keep her from being totally fledged crime fighter.

In LEGO Batman
The Penguin’s group from left to proper: Penguin, Killer Croc, Bane, Man-Bat, Catwoman

In LEGO Batman: The Videogame, Catwoman was a boss on the level There She Goes Once more and fought alongside The Penguin in Penguin’s Lair. She was additionally a playable character in Stealing the Show and Arctic World.

Catwoman was an necessary a part of The Penguin’s crew, which also consisted of Bane, Killer Croc, and Man-Bat. The workforce deliberate to unleash an army of Penguin Minions on Gotham City.

Catwoman with the Gotham Diamond
Catwoman in the Penguin’s Submarine

When Isis returned to her master and gave her the Gotham Diamond, Catwoman Petting Isis a nice Kitty made contact with the Penguin, who infiltrated the Police Division, with assistance from Killer Croc, and helped her to flee. Penguin once once more requested the diamond, however Catwoman once more refused, at the least till Killer Croc gave Penguin his support. Batman and Robin then arrived, at which Catwoman and Penguin ran, but Killer Croc stayed to offer them cover in their escape.

Catwoman (Basic) from Nintendo DS
Penguin and Catwoman retreated to the town Zoo where they were planning on staging the ultimate section of their plan. When Batman and Robin arrived at the zoo, Catwoman and Penguin fled to the Arctic habitat of the zoo, where they were hoping to execute the last stage of their scheme. When Batman and Robin arrived, Catwoman fought alongside Penguin and the Freeze Girls, but was defeated and despatched back to Arkham Asylum.

Catwoman is one of the villains freed from their cells at Arkham Asylum when Lex Luthor rescues The Joker. She along with The Penguin, Bane, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, The Riddler, and Harley Quinn try to escape utilizing their vehicles. Catwoman on her motorbike was the first one Batman and Robin tried to stop after they arrived. She was stopped, however escaped shortly after with more inmates. In the hub, Catwoman is on the roof prime of the Gotham Metropolis Police Station, and may be purchased for 125,000 studs after she is defeated.

Within the 3DS version, Catwoman is unlocked for buy after her motorbike is destroyed. She costs 100,000 studs.

Catwoman’s cowl appears within the ending credit of The LEGO Film on a conveyer belt being loaded into a yellow truck. Description
Notorious grasp thief, LEGO Catwoman, is a feline friendly villain that’s all the time bought Batman chasing her! A gymnast and martial artist, her cat-like reflexes help her burglarize Gotham City higher than anybody. Velocity after her CatCycle to recuperate the stolen diamonds, however be careful for her whip! She’s one in all Batman’s fiercest opponents!

Selina Kyle loves two things greater than the rest: cats, and cat-burglary. As one of many world’s most achieved thieves, she places her stealth and acrobatic prowess to use in foiling security programs and super heroes alike

Agility: 6
Preventing: Eight
Strength: 1
Intelligence: Eight
Velocity: Eight
Description from LEGO Magazine

Catwoman Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but so are rubies, emeralds, and nearly every part sparkly and expensive for Catwoman! Selina Kyle is the gorgeous and daring acrobat with a weakness for jewels and a watch for Batman. With a charming smile, and a deadly whip, Catwoman is a villian you by no means need to underestimate!

City: Gotham City
Powers: Experienced gymnast, professional jewel thief
Base: A small apartment within the Higher-East aspect of Gotham
Arch-Enemy: star wars ugly christmas sweatshirt yarn Batman
Cool Fact: True to her title, Catwoman owns a cat, a faithful feline named Isis!

Minifigure Variants
Video Recreation Variants

Her DUPLO figure is the primary DUPLO feminine figure to have feminine curves.
The Pre-52 variation of Catwoman in LEGO Batman 2 additionally appears in LEGO Batman 3.

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