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Latin Carnem, Accusative Of Caro (“flesh”)

Borrowed from Middle French carnage, from a Norman or Picard variant Old Northern French) of Previous French charnage, from char (“flesh”), or from Vulgar Latin *carnaticum (“slaughter of animals”), itself from Latin carnem, accusative of caro (“flesh”).

(UK) IPA(key): /ˈkɑː.nɪdʒ/
(US) IPA(key): /ˈkɑɹ.nɪdʒ/

carnage (usually uncountable, plural carnages)

1. Loss of life and destruction.
2. The corpses, gore, and so Men’s Pop Art Bane supergirl shirt youth Custom Long Sleeve Tee Shirt on. that stay after a massacre.
(figuratively, slang) Any chaotic situation. 2014, Simon Spence, Comfortable Mondays: Excess All Areas The lads had just lately returned from a wild summer season on the social gathering island of Ibiza, an more and more popular hotspot for working-class British youth. But this was not a scene of drunken holiday carnage in tacky discos.

2015, Adam Jones, Bomb: My Autobiography supergirl shirt youth Within three hours we would drunk the place dry. Miraculously, we all made it again on the bus, but I’ve by no means seen a more bacchanalian scene of wanton debauchery than the experience back to the resort. It was total carnage.